The hacker community is in mass hysteria and confusion today, and it’s spiraling out of control, blaming Google’s aggressive deactivation of Google+ accounts.  Over the past several days, Google has begun disabling Google profiles/accounts of people who didn’t use their real name in their profile.  As accounts are disabled, people are losing their entire Google history along with their Google accounts.


Imagine getting a note from someone you’ve never met before, from a real name you’ve never seen before, claiming to be your long-time hacker buddy.  As you can imagine, the hacker community primarily deals in pseudonums, or “hacker handles” so getting notes and requests from real names …that’s confusing!


It makes sense, as Google tries to crack down on the extraneous spammy accounts that don’t have human beings behind them, that real names are required, but it’s wreaking havoc.  For example, many of the people I know, I know only by a handle …if they were to pass me on the street or send me a message from an account with their real name – I would have no idea.



As you can see – the community is up in arms.  WIll this be a self-imposed momentum-stopping hit by Google?  Only time will tell … in the mean time, I need to go figure out who all these people are, and start learning real names……


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